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We all need an easy dhal recipe to have up our sleeve – and hopefully this is gonna be yours. It’s light, flavoursome, and will taste so much better than getting takeaway (I promise!).

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It seems we are on a bit of a roll with the Indian recipes this week so I’ll continue the trend with this classic curry recipe that my mum taught me. A kadai is an Indian cooking vessel that resembles a wok and was originally made out of cast iron, but these days is more commonly made out of stainless steel, often with a copper bottom (like the one pictured below). Paneer is a soft cheese that’s made quite laboriously out of curdling milk. I personally don’t bother making paneer by hand because I think you can get good quality paneer, at the right texture, in Indian stores and even supermarkets these days. George Calombaris on Masterchef (currently the TV show I’m most addicted to) likened paneer to haloumi cheese in its consistency, and I think it’s a pretty good textural comparison.

This curry base is really versatile and you can replace the paneer with vegetables such as cauliflower and capsicum if you want to. It is light and delicate compared to a lot of the curries you will find in most Indian restaurants. This is one of those standby recipes in our house, because though it has a lot of ingredients, the method is relatively easy and failproof. I think it’s best served with roti or naan, but basmati rice would do quite nicely too.

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